Web sites draw majority traffic based on its attractiveness. The more stylish and appealing it looks, the more traffic it generates. And more traffic ensures a healthy business. What makes a website stylish? Simple HTML and CSS accompanied by some JavaScript animations. Being a web designer is the focal point where you can run your imaginations run wild and get the creative juices flowing.

Train Hard

To become a good web designer, you need to have extensive and elaborate training on HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery. A good handle on these skills is all you need. Rowlock IT Training (training wing of the IT firm Rowlock Technology Solutions) brings you the latest and industry standard web design training with HTML5, CSS3, JS and jQuery.




Keeping the aspiring designers in mind, Rowlock employs only the best web design trainers for the students of West Bengal. To be the best you need to learn from the best. There are absolutely no qualms if you haven’t written a single line of HTML. We mold our trainees from scratch with utmost care. We welcome all the keen students from all over West Bengal and North East India.

Nuances of Web Design

There are a few things that might seem not so easy for beginners – such as responsive design (the way any website resizes itself depending on the size of the screen viewed on). It is nothing more than a basic CSS trick. It is very intriguing and once you learn it, you will be amazed at how easy it is. Our program includes responsive web design training.

Most of the web design training institutes fail to explore the sheer brilliance of JavaScript and jQuery properly. Not us. We firmly believe that JS and jQuery make a good-looking website great. Also, enhances the user experience tenfold. That is what web design is about – user experience.

Rowlock IT Training brings you only the best and the latest in the industry. A course with our trainers will highlight the difference between classroom teaching and industrial training. Cheers!

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