Web development is a technical line with an immense prospect for the people with the right mindset and acumen for the job. To attain that, you need to harness the talent inside you, and to be able to do exactly that, you need some professional training. Getting a master-class from a real life professional not only sharpens the skills you already have, but you also learn a few tips and tricks of the trade that goes in real live projects.

Get More than Your Projects Done

B. Tech, BCA, DCA and MCA students are required to submit two projects based on their choice of subject for industrial training. Among those who choose java and need some help with their projects, Rowlock IT Training (training wing of the IT firm Rowlock Technology Solutions) is here to help them. With us, you not only get the necessary help with your projects, you get an in-depth analysis of J2EE and all the basics you need to learn about web development.



The true essence of web development lies in the creativity and the room for innovation. There are multiple ways to execute a simple functionality. But which one is the quickest and the most efficient of them all? How do you derive at the final result? That is something you will never learn in a classroom. We at Rowlock IT Training make it a point to exhibit and explain the most common industry practices while working on the project.

Join today

All the students with computer based educational background are welcome to join this program. If you lack advanced knowledge of either frontend design or backend development, there is no need to worry about it. The process includes a scope for covering a few advanced web development tricks in order to groom the students for the industry.

The highly qualified trainers at Rowlock IT Training are always looking forward to go that extra mile to help the most eager minds. Don’t believe it? Come see for yourself!

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