Web designing can be very satisfying and creative path to choose if you have the right training and the knack for it. This is one career path in IT where you have the utmost creative freedom. But, even if you choose to learn the nuances of web designing and developing, you have to make another selection as to which technology you want to learn. There are PHP, ASP.NET, and J2EE to name a few. Let’s talk about J2EE and its prospects.

J2EE Training

Rowlock IT Training (training wing of the IT firm Rowlock Technology Solutions) brings to you all the detailed aspects of industry level J2EE training for B. Tech, BCA and MCA students. The main aim of ours is to spread the awareness and hone the keen minds attracted to web development. It does not matter if you have never coded a line in java before; our highly skilled trainers are there to take care of that. Starting from scratch about basic HTML and Java, the training course covers a detailed JSP and servlet study along with advanced HTML5.




It is immensely important not just to learn the subject but have hands on training on it. Doing practical work under the guidance of professionals is the best way to learn about the tips and tricks of the trade.

Where do we train?

Right now, we provide J2EE training in West Bengal only. Keeping in line with our plans to expand all over the country, the first step we have taken is to start providing J2EE training in North East India. We have found out that most students from the mountainous regions of the northeast have to come to the nearest metro city to acquire proper IT training.

We at Rowlock IT Training feel it’s our obligation to provide every aspiring student an equal opportunity to realize their potential and be ready for their career with some industry level professional training under their belts. We are coming to those regions soon enough with our highly qualified and motivated training faculty.

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