Web Development is a popular career choice which is alluring more and more youngsters nowadays. The prospect is quite good in this field and the primary eligibility required here is the urge to do the work happily and heartily. If one has the thirst and the mindset to acquire knowledge then with the help of proper training, that person can be turned into an asset. And, the company to make this transformation come true is Rowlock Technology Solutions who has taken up the responsibility to gift the nation cum world efficient and talented web developers.

Rowlock IT professionals are the guiding force in this training.

struts training in kolkata

Trainings Offered

Rowlock is an IT training institute which is providing training on struts. Before doing web development using struts, one needs to know about its importance, utility, and application. This problem is looked after by us while struts training.

Struts is a web application framework which is used for developing applications Java2 EE. The benefit of using this framework is that it is simple and supports more or less all the necessary things like templates and is easy to extend with plugins.


Our motto behind this training is to prepare present students for their future roles in MNC’s. The struts induced web application development is used for the major projects of MCA, BTech students. This training from trained professionals helps to sharpen their mental skill and aptitude and also enhances their experience.

Presently, the web development using struts training by us is in progress in West Bengal and very soon we will try to reach out to other students so that they also can avail this beneficial advantage.

We are very dedicated to our Rowlock IT Training purpose and want the people under our wings to be their best self and reign the web world.

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